The Cause

Cloudy, Misted or Frosted windows are caused by Condensation in Double Glazing Units in Rawtenstall and are one of the most common double glazing problems.

Unfortunately, condensation is pretty much inevitable when you live in the Rawtenstall due to our humidity levels and wet winters, as soon as the temperature starts to drop in Rawtenstall we start to see water and moisture forming in the corners of windows causing Cloudy and Misted Double Glazed Windows in your property in Rawtenstall.

Despite the inconvenience of having to wipe windows down and unattractiveness this brings, it can also cause other issues, mainly in the form of black mould growth. This not only adds to the unattractive nature of this problem through the growth of mould spores all over the place, but can also contribute to and cause numerous health and breathing issues.

The Cure

Simply Replace the Failed Unit with Energy Efficient Glass from Lancashire Glass Replacement Rawtenstall

Installation is quick and easy as you don’t need to replace the windows – just the glass, which means that for very little cost (compared to a New Frame and Double Glazed Unit) you can benefit from a warmer house and cheaper gas and electricity bills.

If you are looking for a Reputable Company to Replace your Cloudy, Misted or Frosted Window unit in the Rawtenstall area, Give Lancashire Glass Replacement Rawtenstall a call on 01254 496395

Replace your Cloudy or Misted Window, Remember you Don't need to Replace the Window Frame. You cold save £'s by contacting Us Today!

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